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International Projects 2011-

In Metsäkartano Youth Centre, several international projects took place in years 2010-2011. Projects were supported by the EU’s Youth in Action programme. Metsäkartano hosted seminars, training courses and youth exchanges.

HA-HA is A-HA –evaluation meeting 26.2.-2.3.2012
In the turn of February and March, an evaluation meeting of the Screw Up and Stay Happy training took place in Metsäkartano. The seminar involved youth workers from Belarus, Russia, Slovenia, Malta, France and Finland. The goal of the evaluation was to estimate, how the participants had been able to implement the learned art education and humour methods into the youth work. The week was spent in improvisation and humour themed workshops, when the offering of the previous training was taken even further. The aim is to build a multiyear project around the theme. The evaluation meeting was executed by art educators Susanna Alanne and Meri Mort. The project was supported by the European Comission's Youth in Action -programme.

Karhuryhmä- Team of Bears 4.-11.12.2011
This bilateral youth exchange brought together 27 participants from Finland and Spain. Week included mainly cultural activities, such as drama and dance workshops, environmental craft workshops and figuring out the similarities and differences between two different cultures. Participants also did a two days trip to Kuopio, from where the local youth were from. The main aim of the week was to offer a first international experience for the youth and get more confidence for being in the international surroundings. Project was funded by the Youth in Action programme.

Young people’s lives through the ages - an International exchange based on improvisational exercises and drama
In the end of May youth from Italy, Czech Republic and Finland gathered together in Metsäkartano. The emphasis of the youth exchange was on improving improvisational skills and the courage to try out different forms of drama, learning to work as a part of a group. The aim was to learn more about oneself and strengthen ones self-expression. During the exchange young people learned to work together in teams and created sense of togetherness, at the same time practicing their foreign language skills. Through exploring the lives of young people at different periods in history and present time, the participants could also develop their historical understanding. Youth performed their final improvisational performance for the visitors of Metsäkartano and set up the photo exhibition at their school, in Valtimo. Project was supported by European Commissions Youth in Action programme.

Euromed Goesd North- EVS in our environment Study Visit 18.-20.10.2011
In October, Metsäkartano hosted one very interesting study visit that brought 10 participants from North Africa and Middle East to Finland. The aim of the short study visit was to invite EVS-organizations from Euro-Mediterranean countries to discover youth work realities in Finland and learn how EVS is implemented in Finnish youth centers. Participants learned about youth policy and youth work in Finland and shared their own experiences and practices related to European voluntary service. Thanks to this study visit, Metsäkartano will have its first EVS- volunteers from MEDA countries in year 2012!
Project was organized in cooperation with CIMO, Finland´s National Agency.

Imagine art in nature workshop was held in the beginning of August and it brought together participants from four different European countries. During the week participants got inspired by the nature and created beautiful environmental art as well as a photo exhibiton. Read more about this wonderful week from the link: